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Our Corporate History

Facing the tide of global economic integration, Limin Chemical industry sincerely hope to make cooperation with any company all over the world and to create a brilliant future.

  • The first stage (1979-1989)

    Started a business and develop fluorine chemical industry.

  • The second stage (1989-1999)

    Developed steadily and introduced the F22 production line and successfully started up at one time, maintaining the continuous updating and development of fluorine refrigerants.

  • The third stage (1999-2009)

    Gradually grew. By 1999, the enterprise was restructured from collective ownership to a limited liability company. With the continuous increase in product types, the original plant could not meet the demand for capacity expansion and new products, and finally chose to take root in the Yongquan Xiguanao area.

  • The fourth stage (2009-2019)

    Forged ahead and promoted the transformation and upgrading of the main businesses. In 2014 and 2017, realized respectively the trial runs of HFC-227ea and perfluorinated hexanone successfully.

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