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Setting up in 1979, Linhai Limin Chemicals Co., Ltd is a professional China Fluorinated Solvent Manufacturers and Fluorinated Solvent suppliers with more than 40years. Our group is mainly located in the beautiful orange town –Zhejiang Linhai Yongquan with convenient transport. The company covers an area of nearly 200,000 square meters with more than 200 employees. We have jurisdiction over two production bases in Linhai and Quzhou. And we own excellent products such as fluorine refrigerants, pesticide fumigants, fire extinguishing agents, and coolants. We are the drafting unit of the national standard for sulfuryl fluoride for pesticide fumigant.
At the same time, as a professional Fluorinated Solvent factory , we also have specialized Fluorinated Solvent wholesale and sales .

Fluorinated Solvent Industry Knowledge Extension

Is fluorinated solvent harmful to human body?
Fluorinated solvent generally has the hazard of burning human skin tissue.
1. Fluorinated solvent is highly irritating and corrosive. Hydrogen ions in fluorinated solvent can dehydrate and corrode human tissues, among which fluorine is more active. When the skin is exposed to fluorinated solvent, fluoride ions will continue to penetrate into deep tissues, resulting in the destruction of cell membranes and weakened oxidation. Inhalation of high concentrations of fluorinated solvent can cause liquefaction and necrosis of epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue and even muscle layer.
2. The severity of skin damage is related to the concentration of fluoride solution, exposure time, exposure site and treatment method. The higher the concentration, the longer the contact time, the softer and denser the injured tissue, and the faster and stronger it is. Pain and skin damage can occur immediately after exposure to more than 30% fluorinated solvent. When exposed to less radiation, the pain and burns usually start after a few hours. It is recommended to use fluorine-containing liquids with caution in daily life or industry. Once it touches the skin, seek medical treatment in time.

Use of fluorinated solvent
Although fluorinated solvent is generally used as a coolant, it can be used in various industries, and its practicality is also good.
In fact, the more important role of fluorinated solvent is that it can be used as a refrigerant. For example, the immersion cooling liquid of the data center, and some power devices, ion spray devices, probes and other positions that need to be cooled can all be used as a refrigerant. Food processing industry, freeze drying, etc. can also use fluorinated solvent.
Now fluorinated solvent can also be used as a cleaning agent. It can clean semiconductors and parts, and can effectively remove fluorine residues. The cleaning effect is also very good. Moreover, fluorinated solvent can be used for cleaning particles and impurities of various precision electronic parts, cleaning LCD and other displays, cleaning optical parts, etc.
as a solvent
The role of fluorinated solvent can also be used as a solvent, especially the air tightness test, and the medium substance of the withstand voltage test can use fluorinated solvent. At the same time, the dilution of the electronic layer and screen coating should also be used for greening, and it can also be used for reaction solvents. Its application field is still very wide, and its practicality is also guaranteed.