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Setting up in 1979, Linhai Limin Chemicals Co., Ltd is a professional China Fire Extinguishing Agent Products Manufacturers and Fire Extinguishing Agent Products suppliers with more than 40years. Our group is mainly located in the beautiful orange town –Zhejiang Linhai Yongquan with convenient transport. The company covers an area of nearly 200,000 square meters with more than 200 employees. We have jurisdiction over two production bases in Linhai and Quzhou. And we own excellent products such as fluorine refrigerants, pesticide fumigants, fire extinguishing agents, and coolants. We are the drafting unit of the national standard for sulfuryl fluoride for pesticide fumigant.
At the same time, as a professional Fire Extinguishing Agent Products factory , we also have specialized Fire Extinguishing Agent Products wholesale and sales .

Fire Extinguishing Agent Products Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the four types of fire extinguishing agent products?
The four types of extinguishing agents are:
chemical dry powder
carbon dioxide (CO2)

What are the most common fire extinguishing agent products?
The most common extinguishing agent is dry chemical powder.

Which chemicals are fire extinguishing agent products?
Many chemicals are available as fire extinguishing agent products, including:
Foam (made from a combination of chemicals)
Dry chemical powders (such as sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, or monoammonium phosphate)
carbon dioxide (CO2)
Cleaning agents (such as halocarbons or HFCs)
The choice of fire extinguishing agent products depends on the type of fire and the materials involved. Each agent works by interrupting the chemical reactions that fuel the fire, and they do so in different ways.