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Electronic cleaner Industry Knowledge Extension

How to clean circuit board with electronic cleaner?
The wide application of circuit boards involves all walks of life, whether in life, office, travel, etc. will be used. Now is the era of information electronics, electronic products are the protagonists, and the most important accessory in electronic products is the circuit board. There will be residual stains during the production process of the circuit board, which needs to be cleaned with an electronic cleaner, because the circuit board has to go through welding, component installation and other processes during the production process. After a complete set of processes, there will be residual stains on the circuit board, such as Rosin, solder paste, etc.
The cleaning of the circuit board is also very particular. The cleaning of the circuit board is different when it is produced. If the circuit board is not cleaned with electronic components on the board, solvent-based or water-based electronic cleaners can be used. If there are electronic components on the board, solvent-based cleaners can be used. Because many parts cannot come into contact with water.
To clean residual stains such as rosin and solder paste, it is necessary to master their characteristics. Rosin is sticky and solder paste is stubborn. Therefore, when cleaning these dirt, use an electronic cleaner with strong decomposing and penetrating ability to clean the dirt, which can quickly decompose the dirt until it falls off quickly, improve production efficiency, save costs, and achieve cleaning effect.

What are the characteristics of electronic cleane?
Generally speaking, the electronic cleaning agent should be able to be charged and cleaned, and can be completely volatilized after cleaning; excellent cleaning effect, can completely remove oil stains; non-combustible, flame retardant; insulation, voltage resistance. Its composition can be analyzed by femtosecond detection technology. More importantly, the electronic cleaning agent does not corrode or oxidize the surface of electronic products. Using high-quality raw materials, it has the advantages of fast and thorough degreasing without leaving traces. Good solubility, safe and non-toxic, efficient and environmentally friendly. It can eliminate static electricity on the surface of electronic devices.

The function and characteristics of electronic cleaner
With the rapid development of the electronic product industry, the quality requirements for electronic products are getting higher and higher. In the production process of electronic products, the cleaning link is also very important, and the cleaning effect, efficiency and environmental protection requirements are also getting higher and higher; then the electronic products The most critical thing in the product cleaning process is the quality of the electronic cleaner, so the main ingredients and formula of the electronic cleaner become particularly important.
Regarding the characteristics of the electronic cleaner, it has a lot to do with the related functions of the electronic cleaner, so first we need to analyze the functions of the electronic cleaner:
1. Remove flux, rosin, fingerprints, dust and other pollutants in PCB board and SMT assembly;
2. Clean semiconductor wafers, cutting fluid, fingerprints, dust, dirt, etc. on silicon wafers;
Combined with the relevant functions of electronic cleaners, we summarize the characteristics that electronic cleaners should have:
1. Cleaning ability: As an electronic cleaner, the ability to clean stains must be the primary feature;
2. Cleaning life: The cleaning agent needs time in the process of use, rather than instant cleaning, so the service life of the electronic cleaner will be particularly important; in order to solve the problem of the use effect of products with different cleaning difficulties; therefore, the cleaning time of the electronic cleaner is long It is also a feature that affects the quality of cleaning;
3. Avoid damage to the product: Some cleaning agents have a particularly good cleaning effect and high efficiency, but they will damage the product itself while cleaning the stains, so the loss outweighs the gain; therefore, when we make electronic cleaner formulas, we must find The middle point, it is necessary to clean the stains well without damaging the product itself;
4. Environmental protection and safety: The environmental protection requirements of electronic cleaners are also getting higher and higher, so when choosing raw materials, it is necessary to choose relatively environmentally friendly raw materials;
5. Avoid harm to the human body: if the electronic cleaner does not meet the standard, the smell it emits during use will be harmful to the human body;