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Setting up in 1979, Linhai Limin Chemicals Co., Ltd is a professional China refrigerant Manufacturers and refrigerant suppliers with more than 40years. Our group is mainly located in the beautiful orange town –Zhejiang Linhai Yongquan with convenient transport. The company covers an area of nearly 200,000 square meters with more than 200 employees. We have jurisdiction over two production bases in Linhai and Quzhou. And we own excellent products such as fluorine refrigerants, pesticide fumigants, fire extinguishing agents, and coolants. We are the drafting unit of the national standard for sulfuryl fluoride for pesticide fumigant.
At the same time, as a professional refrigerant factoryRefrigerant Products factory , we also have specialized refrigerant wholesale and sales .

Refrigerant Products Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the commonly used refrigerants?
Commonly used refrigerants include inorganic compounds, Freon, azeotropic solutions, hydrocarbons, and R-404A refrigerants.
1. Inorganic compounds: This type of refrigerant has been used for a long time. Ammonia and water are still commonly used refrigerants at present, while some are eliminated due to high working pressure, low critical temperature and small cooling capacity, such as carbon dioxide.
2. Freon: This type of refrigerant appeared in the 1930s and gradually began to be used. There are many types of refrigerants, and their thermal properties are quite different. They are all derivatives of methane and ethane. In these derivatives, fluorine, chlorine and bromine atoms are used to replace all or part of the hydrogen atoms in the original compound. If the number of fluorine atoms is more, the toxicity of Freon is less, and the chemical stability is higher; the number of hydrogen atoms is less, the possibility of burning and explosion is smaller; and the more chlorine atoms, the higher the evaporation temperature. its heat
3. Azeotropic solution: Azeotropic solution refrigerant is a mixture formed by dissolving two or more different refrigerants in a certain proportion. Like a single compound, they have a certain evaporation temperature under a certain pressure.
4. Hydrocarbons: Hydrocarbon refrigerants include methane, ethane, propane, ethylene and propylene, etc., and their thermodynamic properties. This type of refrigerant is mainly used in the petrochemical industry, and its advantages are easy to obtain, low price, and low freezing temperature. But the safety is poor, easy to burn and explode.
5. R-404A refrigerant: physical and chemical characteristics R404A is a chlorine-free non-azeotropic mixed refrigerant. It is a colorless gas at normal temperature and pressure. It is a compressed liquefied gas stored in a steel cylinder.

What are the commonly used refrigerants for air conditioners?
R22 air-conditioning refrigerant: R22 refrigerant is mainly used in household air conditioners, commercial refrigeration, large centrifugal compressor chillers, etc. R22 refrigerant, alias R22 refrigerant, Freon 22, F-22, HCFC-22, difluorochloromethane, trade name JH®R-22 refrigerant, Chinese name difluorochloromethane, English name Chlorodifuoromethane, chemical formula CHClF2.
Since R-22 belongs to HCFC substances (the first batch of restricted ODS substances Class II Ozone-depleting Substances) - which has damage to the ozone layer and has a greenhouse effect, it has been stopped in developed countries (EU, Japan, the United States) The initial installation of new air conditioners and refrigeration equipment is not allowed; China currently has basically no restrictions on the production, initial installation, and re-addition of R22 refrigerant.
R32 air-conditioning refrigerant: The chemical name of R32 refrigerant is difluoromethane, and the molecular formula is CH2F2. Difluoromethane is a coolant with zero ozone depletion potential. It is a gas at room temperature and a colorless transparent liquid under its own pressure. It is easily soluble in oil but hardly soluble in water.
R410A air-conditioning refrigerant: R410A, as a medium-high temperature refrigerant widely used today, is mainly used in household air conditioners, small and medium-sized commercial air conditioners (small and medium-sized unit air conditioners, household air conditioners, multi-line air conditioners), mobile air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and refrigeration drying appliances, marine refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration and other refrigeration equipment.
R410A refrigerant, alias R410A refrigerant, trade name JHR-410A refrigerant. Since R-410A belongs to the HFC type near azeotropic environmental protection refrigerant (it does not contain CFC and HCFC that destroy the ozone layer at all), it is widely used in the initial installation and re-addition of new refrigeration equipment during maintenance.